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Achieve results through a holistic, personalized, evidence-based approach

Empowering women to achieve hormonal harmony is a journey toward balanced health and vitality. My approach focuses on practical, natural solutions and holistic education, recognizing that hormonal imbalances can impact various aspects of well-being. Through personalized guidance, I empower women to understand their bodies and make informed choices. 

My programs are designed to address the root causes of hormonal issues, such as stress, diet, and lifestyle. I offer tailored nutrition plans that incorporate hormone-balancing foods and herbs, promoting sustainable wellness. Holistic education is a key component, providing women with the knowledge to navigate their hormonal health confidently.

The body possesses innate healing abilities, a concept at the core of herbal medicine. I've personally experienced this, witnessed it with my clients, and I'm eager for you to experience it too.

Join me on this transformative journey towards balanced hormones and vibrant health.

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Healthy Starts Here

Practical Wellness Plans & Herbal Medicine

Meet Amelia

I can help you with

Fertility for her & him


"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease, than to know what sort of disease a person has"


Holistic Wellness Programs & Education

Herbalist in Dublin

Meet Sofia Perez

Master Herbalist, Nutritionist & Iridologist

I am a qualified Master Herbalist, Iridologist & Vitalist Nutritionist who graduated from The Irish School of Herbal Medicine and am a member of The Irish Register of Herbalists (IRH). This intensive four-year course is complemented by 600 hours of clinical training, including Physiology and anatomy, Pathology, Materia medica, Botany, and Phytochemistry.

Before formalizing my training, I was a post-doctoral researcher and scientist for over 12 years in many different universities and research centers in Europe and England since I was awarded Ph.D. in Chemistry Science. I chose to change my career five years ago because of the huge impact I had on my health. The ancient wisdom of medicinal plants inspired me to make a career change and combine my knowledge in science and herbal medicine. 

Sofia did an iridology consult with my teenage son today and she was incredibly insightful about the areas he needs to focus on to improve his health. I would highly recommend Sofia for anyone who wants to get a good insight into their health and practical recommendations for a healthier future."

Fiona Bradford, Dublin

Giving Back

When you book a consultation, a portion of your fee, will be donated to 
HOMETREE in the Wild Atlantic Rain Forest Project

HOMETREE is a tree-planting charity that endeavours to deeply connect people with nature, and facilitates a wide variety of fundamental projects to establish and conserve permanent native woodland in Ireland, encouraging land regeneration and biodiversity through afforestation, restoration and education

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