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Transform workplace efficiency with herbal medicine and nutrition-focused corporate talks

Welcome to Conscious Earth Medicine's Corporate Wellness Talks: Elevating Workspaces and Communities. Utilizing my diverse educational experience, I offer dynamic and interactive presentations. I simplify complex topics into clear, understandable messages with easy-to-implement tips. I tailor content to the specific needs and interests of the corporate audience, encouraging engagement through Q&A sessions, discussions, and activities. This provides practical tools and strategies for enhancing health and life experiences.

Promote a culture of wellness

Explore my talks and seminars designed to empower teams, focusing on preventing burnout, healthy eating and managing perimenopause and menopause at work. Backed by scientific research, discover practical strategies, herbal remedies, and nutritious recipes for optimal well-being. We will cultivate resilience and balance in the workplace with evidence-based guidance.


Topics included:

  • Herbs and Nutrition for Preventing Workplace Burnout. We'll explore practical ways to enhance resilience at work. Discover foods that can fuel your energy, herbal supplements to incorporate, and a step-by-step breakdown of stress symptoms. Learn effective stress-busting tips, tools to apply when needed, and create a personalized action plan for lasting well-being.

  • Empowering Women in the Workplace: Perimenopause & Menopause Solutions with Herbs and Nutrition. We'll delve into the hormonal changes of perimenopause, stress impacts, nutrition, sleep, and easy-to-apply herbal remedies. I'll share tips and advice to empower you through this transition, along with supportive tools to remind you that you're not alone in this journey.

  • Nutrition and healthy eating: Whole Food series, offering individual courses or a transformative 6-week program. These classes offer tips and ideas on how to balance your diet, manage weight, and understand the impact of nutrition on overall health


  • 1-2 hours, half day (3h)

  • Online or in person

  • Investment 'Corporate Wellness' : 200€/h  Half day: 450€

  • Investment 'Community Wellness': 100€/h  Half day: 250€

  • Travel expenses extra

Interested in customized seminars for groups or organizations? Reach out to me, and let's discuss your needs and goals together.

"Sofia has a wealth of knowledge about food, the history of our modern diets and how to dubstitute items with whole foods that are more nutrient rich and in line withwhat our bodies truly need. Really enjoyed tasting the delicious food substitutes she brought to teh worksho, which I found eye opening and insprign to make some psotivir changes fo good in my daly eating an cooking habits.

Sandra Brady, Co. Galway

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