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1 / What are the benefits of a Nutrition and Herbal Consultation?

During the consultation, the patient will acquire the skills to improve their health and know their body’s signs better. In addition, they can identify habits that need to change and find tools to shift learned patterns. 

Furthermore, the Iridology Reading will help determine heritage weakness and make a preventative medicine plan to decrease the risk of future illness. 

The overall treatments will aid in cleansing and detoxifying the whole body, improving digestion, enhancing the immune system, boosting vitality, resetting your hormonal system, and finding balance in your body, mind, and soul. 

Herbal Medicine is especially effective with acute, chronic conditions compared to conventional medicine. 

2 / What is the difference between an Herbalist and a Naturopath? 

Herbalists and naturopaths are focused in holistic natural medicine. Naturopaths have training in various natural holistic modalities like homeopathy, herbal medicine, and nutrition. At the same time, herbalists are specialists in botanicals because they study in-depth plant properties and interactions over the years. Naturopaths use pre-made formulas like supplements and nutraceuticals (concentrated extracts of herbs). Instead, herbalists formulate their own recipes from the whole herb that are specific to the patient's needs. 

3 / What is involved in the consultation?

At our first consultation (60-90 min), we will review a comprehensive medical health form with current medication, diet, and lifestyle. This includes a physical and emotional evaluation through an Iris Reading (Iridology). Then, we will design, discuss and agree on a personalised plan tailored to your needs and circumstances. Custom-made botanical formulations will be part of the treatment to support all the changes. All information is strictly confidential and in line with data protection principles. 


After the first consultation, I will send you a report with recommendations, goals, tips, recipes, and your botanical formulas (by collection or courier). Also, this will usually involve advice on changing your diet and lifestyle. Keeping a food diary is recommended to record all changes and achievements. 

4 / What should I expect in a follow-up consultation? 

Follow-up appointments (60 min) are scheduled approximately every 2-3 weeks from the initial consultation. We will review your progress and provide positive reinforcement to keep focusing on your health goals and adjust your protocol accordingly. Regular follow-up visits are important to modify the plan as the symptom picture changes. 

5 / How long will the treatment last? 

The number of appointments you will need depends on many variables, such as compliance with the advice given and intake of herbal medicines. It also depends on your current health, whether you are on medication, your diet, etc. Although everyone responds differently, we recommend committing to a minimum of three months to start feeling changes because herbs act in the body slowly compared to conventional medicines. 

6 / What is your Cancellation Policy?

Sofia Perez do require notice for all cancellations or rescheduling of your appointment. When this appointment is made, you have booked Sofia Perez’s time, and whether you attend the appointment or not, this time has been set-aside for you.

Should you fail to cancel by 5pm the day BEFORE the appointment or fail to attend your appointment, you will be charged a fee of 30€ payable within 30 days of receiving your notice (which will be mailed to your home address).

​Payment is required at least 24 hours prior to your consultation to confirm the booking.

7 / What happens if I run out of my herbal treatment?

When you want to continue with the same formula, you do not need to book a consultation;  you can contact me for a repeat of the treatment. 

8 / How do herbs work?

Herbs have many different therapeutical actions, but they do not treat illnesses. Instead, herbal treatments will enhance tissue and organ function by supporting the body’s health to find its natural balance. A qualified herbalist will treat the person as a whole to get to the root cause instead of providing an herbal fix. 

9 / What does a custom-made botanical formulation mean?

Custom-made botanical formulas are a blend of herbs with specific therapeutical actions unique to the patient and the situation they are experiencing. We administer the herbs in the form of tincture, which is a mixture of water and alcohol, powder, or dried herbs. A label will indicate the dose and the instructions for preparation. Preparations are mostly free of additives and organic, and suppliers are reputable companies with high sustainability values and the best practices in the herbal industry.  

Other administrations can be syrups, ointments, capsules, suppositories, fomentations, and in some cases, recipes to encourage the patient. 

10 / Can I take medication from my GP simultaneously with my herbal medicine formulas?  

Herbs have many different therapeutical actions, but they do not treat illnesses. Instead, herbal treatments will enhance tissue and organ function by supporting the body’s health to find its natural balance. A qualified herbalist will treat the person as a whole to get to the root cause instead of providing an herbal fix.

It depends on the type of medication you are on. In some cases, herbal medicine will not be possible to administrate because of the interaction with the other medication. 

It would be best to communicate to your GP that you take herbal medicine formulas. As the botanical program evolves, your pharmaceutical medication will need to be monitored by your GP to change the dose and strength. Herbs can help to decrease the doses of some pharmaceutical medications and reduce side effects. 

Herbs support the body's capacity to heal itself and do not have long-term secondary or side effects. 

11 / Will my insurance cover my visit?

Sofia Perez does not collaborate with any insurance company, but you will get an invoice you can submit to your insurance. 

12 / What type of payment is accepted?

We accept payment by Rebolut, Paypal and bank transfer.

13 / Can I order a botanical preparation?

Formulated botanical preparations legally require an initial 1-to-1 consultation. If you are a returning customer, you can order your preparation made from your last consultation for a determined period of time. 

14 / What is the difference between a herbal supplement and a custom-made formula?

An herbal supplement you find as an over-the-counter product may have ingredients from extracted plants or becomes synthesised in the lab as a general formula for a specific condition or symptom. It may also contain additives, fillers, or other unhealthy components to achieve chemical stability and long-shelf storage. 

A custom-made formula is researched by a licensed herbalist, who then prepares a recipe unique for you and your symptoms with only plants that come in the form of dried herbs, powders, or tinctures, a mixture of water, and alcohol with lengthy shelf storage. There are no artificial ingredients; they only use the plant to offer a natural treatment to avoid producing other symptoms. 

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