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Experience well-being at every stage of life

Does this sound familiar ...?

  • Sometimes, you're overwhelmed with busyness and stress, not knowing where to begin.

  • You're feeling trapped and frustrated when making health changes to enhance your energy levels and mood. Despite having a lot of information, it isn't easy to make it all stick.

  • You're prepared to find what truly suits you and explore your path. Despite trying others' methods, self-blame arises when they don't align. Remember, if it doesn't resonate, it's simply not the right fit.

  • Your stress and anxiety might be hindering your motivation to make changes and prioritize self-care activities.

  • You feel unsure about the ability to stick to a program or to make lasting changes can be a barrier.

  • You feel confused with so much conflicting information about health and wellness, that you may not know where to start or what's best for you.

  • Sometimes, staying in the familiar—even if it's not healthy—is easier than stepping into the discomfort of change.

  • You are feeling constantly tired or fatigued can make the idea of starting a health program seem overwhelming.

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Small Moves, Lasting Changes

Health takes time to sort out because it often involves making lifestyle changes, forming new habits, and addressing underlying issues. Here's why working with several sessions in the long term can be more effective than isolated sessions:

  1. Behavior Change: Multiple sessions allow for ongoing support and guidance in implementing and sustaining these changes.

  2. Understanding Root Causes: Through multiple sessions, a deeper understanding of these root causes can be gained, leading to more effective and sustainable solutions.

  3. Building Skills: Learning new skills, whether it's cooking healthy meals, managing stress, or exercising properly, takes time and practice. 

  4. Tracking Progress:  This keeps the client accountable but also allows for adjustments to the plan as needed based on how the client is responding.

  5. Consistent Support: Multiple sessions provide ongoing encouragement and guidance, can boost motivation and confidence.

  6. Holistic Approach: Working over several sessions allows for a comprehensive and integrated approach.

  7. Creating Lasting Change: Sustainable health improvements often require more than just a quick fix. Long-term sessions allow for the gradual implementation of changes that can become lasting habits.

My Approach

I like to work hand-in-hand with my patients. There are different approaches for each patient, and I focus on their  unique needs. I have trained as a researcher and base my data on an empirical approach. Still, I like to go beyond the clinical symptoms to understand that we can develop illness in many ways. The causes may be emotional, physical, spiritual, or all of them combined. 


My approach is to educate and offer different methods to my patients to live healthier by using preventative holistic herbal medicine and evidence-based solutions to get to the root cause of their unique needs. 


The consultation aims to provide a road map with healthier alternatives and lifestyle changes to restore health through plants, so patients feel informed and empowered. I trained in vitalist nutrition, macrobiotic and energetic diet, intermittent fasting and mindful eating which are the tools that I use in my consultations as a nutrition therapy. 


My philosophy is to bring awareness of the cycles and rhythms of life that align with nature. A healthy individual connects to the earth, the air, plants, and people from their heart and live life with joy and purpose.

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Journey to Optimum Health Program Benefits

"I had my first iridology session with Sofia last May and haven't looked back since. Her professionalism and caring nature are second to none. I improved my diet & lifestyle and overall health drastically in the past few months with Sofia's support & guidance. I would highly recommend Sofia's services"

Katie Corbett, Co. Offaly

Herbs and Minerals

Phases of our Journey



Week 1-4
  • 2 Sessions (up to 60-90 minutes) 

  • 2 weekly follow-up calls (up to 30 minutes)

  • Asses areas relevant for your health

  • Start realistic goals

  • Enquiry on your habits, beliefs and behaviours that might be keeping you stuck.

  • Starting your herbal protocol 



Week 4-12

  • 4 Sessions (up to 60 minutes)

  • Reviewing progress, adjusting your plan, and refining the botanical formula

  • Educational focus on health habits and nutrition

  • Incorporating stress-reduction techniques

  • Integrating a self-care routine to use during the most stressful periods



Week 12-24

  • 2 sessions (up to 60 minutes)

  • Discussing what has worked well and what may need to be improved or changed.

  • Celebrate successes

  • Create a Long-Term Plan taking into account the client's lifestyle, preferences, and health needs.

  • Address questions & Concerns

  • Reviewing the entire program and having a discussion about the next steps.

Your Personal plan includes

  • 24 weeks of 1-to-1 support

  • 1 x 90 min assessmnt session

  • 2x30 min coaching calls

  • 6 x 60 minutes to checking progress

  • On-going support and accountably between sessions

  • Personalised and measurable objectives

  • Iridology reading

  • Personalised nutrition advice 

  • Body-mind connection awareness

  • Natural protocol recommendations

  • Lifestyle action steps

  • Practical recommendations that  suit your and your life style

  • Education & Resources

  • Support and guidance before, during, and after a detoxification program

  • Tailored -made herbal formulations

The Journey explained

Putting your health needs first and foremost

In the Call 

Take your initial step towards better health by scheduling an inquiry call with me

In the inquiry call, we will discuss your goals, challenges, services, and determine if we're a good fit

Session 1 (week 1)

Assessment of health, lifestyle, and food behaviour in the first session, discussing goals, challenges, preferences. This includes an in-deeph intake plan and iridology reading. 

Session 2 (week 2)

Delivery of personalized plan, discussion of potential challenges, and strategies to overcome obstacles for successful implementation. You will start your herbal protocol. 

Session 3-4 (week 3-4)

Weekly calls (up to 30 minutes) for discussing any concerns, maintaining motivation, and ensuring readiness for the first month of new habit formation

Session 5-8 (week 5-12)

Session 9-10 (week 13-24)

In the last sessions, we'll review your progress and consolidate, discussing your needs for future sessions. We'll also explore if you're ready to start your solo journey towards sustained wellness.

During the restoration stage, we'll assess your progress, make necessary adjustments to your plan, and refine the botanical formula to ensure effectiveness. We'll incorporate exercises, stress management techniques, and self-care routines into your wellness plan.

This program is for you if:

  • You're committed to making lasting changes to your health and well-being.

  • You're ready to invest time and effort into achieving your goals.

  • You're seeking personalized guidance and support tailored to your unique needs.

  • You're open to learning new habits and strategies to improve your lifestyle.

  • You're motivated to prioritize your health and make it a priority in your life.

  • You're looking for a comprehensive approach that addresses various aspects of health, including nutrition, lifestyle, and emotional well-being.

This program is not for you if:

  • You're not willing to commit to making changes or putting in the effort required for success.

  • You're looking for a quick-fix solution or temporary results.

  • You're not open to trying new approaches or making adjustments to your current habits.

  • You're not ready to prioritize your health or make it a priority in your life.

  • You're seeking a one-size-fits-all approach rather than personalized guidance.

  • You're not willing to invest in yourself or your well-being.


1 / What support or guidance is provided throughout the program?

Throughout the program, support and guidance are typically provided through:

  1. Scheduled check-ins to discuss progress, challenges, and adjustments to the plan.

  2. Tailored diet, exercise, and lifestyle plans based on individual needs and goals.

  3.  Information on nutrition, fitness, stress management, and behavior change to empower you.

  4. Tracking tools, such as food journals or activity logs, to monitor progress and stay accountable.

  5. Availability for questions, concerns, and additional guidance between coaching sessions via email.

  6. Recipes, and tips to facilitate goal achievement and maintain motivation.

  7. Regular assessments of measurements, weight, or other indicators to track improvements and adjust the plan as needed.

2 / Are there specific diet or exercise plans included?

Yes, specific diet and exercise plans are often included in a 6-month wellness and health goals program. These plans are tailored to the individual's needs, goals, preferences, and health conditions. Here's what they might entail:

  • Customized meal plans based on dietary preferences, such as vegetarian, vegan, low-carb, etc.

  • Recommendations for whole foods, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats.

  • Guidance on reducing processed foods, sugar, and unhealthy fats.

  • Suggestions for incorporating daily physical activity, such as walking or taking the stairs.

  • Tips for increasing overall movement throughout the day.

  • Stress-reducing activities like meditation, deep breathing exercises, or mindfulness practices.

These plans are not one-size-fits-all and are adjusted throughout the program based on progress and feedback. The goal is to create sustainable habits that support long-term health and well-being.

3 / What does a custom-made botanical formulation mean?

Our custom botanical formulas blend herbs with unique therapeutic actions tailored to the your needs. Administered as tinctures, powders, or capsules, labeled with dosage and preparation instructions. We prioritize organic, additive-free products from reputable, sustainable suppliers. Other options include syrups, ointments, suppositories, and recipes for patient encouragement.

4 / Is it safe to take medication from my GP along with my herbal medicine formulas?

Herbs offer various therapeutic actions but don't treat illnesses; they enhance organ function, aiding the body's natural balance. A qualified herbalist addresses the root cause. Depending on your medication, herbal treatments may not be viable due to interactions. It's essential to inform your GP about herbal formulas. As the botanical program progresses, your GP should monitor your pharmaceutical medication for dose adjustments. Herbs can reduce some medication doses and side effects, supporting the body's healing without long-term side effects.

5 / Are there any payment plans available?

Yes, payment plans are available. The breakdown is as follows: 250€ for the first month, 200€ for the second, and 200€ for the third.

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