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A Bespoke Botanical Blend made for you

A personalised botanical blend formulated from the perspective of  Traditional Herbal Medicine will support all your changes and can be added to your Wellness package plan. 


As a chemist and scientist, I guarantee that all dried herbs, tinctures, and powders used to prepare the botanical formulas are of the highest quality in the market. Specific herbs with high potency and traditional use in acute health conditions are only available by prescription from a licensed Herbalist.


My herbs are, in most cases, from certified organic cultivation and production processes. I take special care to buy from reputable suppliers that provide a certificate of analysis, track all processes from seed to bottle, and convey sustainability practices. 


Personalised bespoke botanical formulas include herbs in different forms:

  • Powder

  • Dried herbs for infusion or decoction

  • Tinctures are extraction made in alcohol and water

  • Syrups, extractions made in water or glycerin (short preservation)

  • Ointments & salves

  • Suppositories


All formulas are provided with doses, instructions, and contraindications. 

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