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I like to work hand-in-hand with my patients. There are different approaches for each patient, and I focus on their  unique needs. I have trained as a researcher and base my data on an empirical approach. Still, I like to go beyond the clinical symptoms to understand that we can develop illness in many ways. The causes may be emotional, physical, spiritual, or all of them combined. 


My approach is to educate and offer different methods to my patients to live healthier by using preventative holistic herbal medicine and evidence-based solutions to get to the root cause of their unique needs. 


The consultation aims to provide a road map with healthier alternatives and lifestyle changes to restore health through plants, so patients feel informed and empowered. I trained in vitalist nutrition, macrobiotic and energetic diet, intermittent fasting and mindful eating which are the tools that I use in my consultations as a nutrition therapy. 


My philosophy is to bring awareness of the cycles and rhythms of life that align with nature. A healthy individual connects to the earth, the air, plants, and people from their heart and live life with joy and purpose.


Sessions can be in person or virtually. 


Our Services

First Constulation

This session will consist in an in depth assessment of your health, wellness goals, medication, sleep quality, stress, diet, and lifestyle. The iridology or iris reading is an assessment tool to evaluate strengths and weaknesses, personality traits, emotional patterns that helps with the design of a personalised nutritional plan tailored to your needs and circumstances with advice in lifestyle, natural protocols, supplements and custom-made botanical formulations.

Follow up Consultation

This session is scheduled approximately every 3-4 weeks from the initial consultation. We will review your progress and adjust your protocol accordingly. 


Wellness Packages

These packages are for existing patients seeking long-based support to get deeper into the root cause of their condition. 

For more information, get in touch. 

Your personalised Plan includes

  • Personalised and measurable objectives

  • Superfoods and recipes

  • Dietary advice

  • Education about how to cook food for a better digestion

  • Body-mind connection awareness

  • Natural protocol recommendations

  • Lifestyle action steps

  • Example of a weekly plan

  • Support and guidance before, during, and after a detoxification program

  • What to eat after a detox

  • Herbal formulations

Flower Buds

Contact me for a 20-min free discovery call 

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